How it works

Onsite personnel use the Waste Destination app to collect ticketing, invoicing, and marketing data. The customer receives a daily export of all field tickets processed through Waste Destination. The data is provided in a custom format that can be imported straight into your accounting software. Waste Destination also provides a web-based dashboard for monitoring operations in real time, from any device.

The Product


Waste Destination eliminates the need for paper tickets. Streamlining the ticketing process for real-time data.


The application allows clarity across the board. Access your data anytime, anywhere through the dashboard and daily data exports.


No more sorting, sifting, or calculating. Waste Destination prepares all your invoices just the way you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you generate RRC P18s?

Yes, definitely. We can generate almost anything else, too. Anything we can do to help make your operations easier.


Is there a contract?

Nope, use us just as long as you love us (though we haven't had anyone leave us).

Do trucking and E&P companies like this ticketing process?

Yes! Waste Destination allows you to bill your customers in a timely fashion. This greatly improves cost transparency. You can also sign your customers up for subscriptions for even greater clarity.

Is my ticketing data safe?

Yes, the data is backed up daily and stored on secure AWS servers - one of the largest, most secure servers in the world.